How to choose the right domain name for your business

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Choosing a domain name is not as straightforward as one might think. If you do business online and know a bit about search engine optimization (SEO), then you’ve heard the importance of having relevant keywords for your niche in your domain name. I have been down this path a few times and I made some very important realizations. Here I will explain the process I follow, after spending a ridiculous amount of money buying and testing domain names for my businesses. Note that this is what works for me, if you have another approach, do let me know in the comments 🙂 Read More

Why should you include keywords in your CV?

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online_job_search As I was looking for a job a few months back, I read a lot of information about how to conduct an effective job hunting. If you are actively looking for a job, I recommend you look for this information too, because the difference between being prepared and knowing what to do and handling CVs blindly is what can get you a job. But even though there is a lot of information out there, many of these pages don’t pay enough attention to something I consider very important: Keywords. Thus I wanted to write a bit about it in case someone is interested.

SEO optimization of the CV: Why should you include keywords?

The first and most important awakening that I had when searching for jobs, is that candidate selection is not like in the old days. For a long time, when a job opening appears it would follow two ways: it could get published in something like a job board (newspaper or website) or it could go through the word of mouth. Many job openings follow the two simultaneously. Now, the difference between today and 10 years ago, is that information flies extremely fast, and the world crisis have made a lot of people looking desperately for jobs. What is happening then? Head hunters post a job, the information reach thousands of people, and in return he could get up to hundreds of CVs a day. Actually many of those CVs come from people that is not qualified at all for the job, because they’re so desperate that they send CVs everywhere hoping that at least one in thousand will reply. And now the head hunter has to deal with all that pile of CVs.

So how can one deal with hundreds of CVs and pick up a good candidate for the job? You could go through all of them, or pick a few good looking ones and read only those. But something that is becoming more popular, and it is specially true for big companies is CV databases. Instead of manually going through all the CVs, you could load them in a database, and then search for keywords. So now they use a search engine, just like when you want some information from the web you go to Google and search for something. In the same way that website are being optimized so that when you search you can find them easily, CVs can be optimized so that when the head hunter search for the best candidate your CV comes among the top results. How? Well, one of the most effective techniques is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can get a lot of info on what SEO is and how it works, but a fast-and-dirty explanation would be to enrich your document for keywords that the head hunter may search for, and make sure that all of them (including synonyms and acronyms) are in your CV, so that it will come among the top results in the search. I will paste here the info I got from a private group in LinkedIn (which I recommend you to join if you haven’t already) about how to SEO your CV:


“Start with a solid base resume that paints you as a subject matter expert in your field. Then take the job description, and load your resume with key words in the job description.

So how many resume templates will you have?

One for each job you apply to
because to search optimize your resume effectively, it turns your resume into a single use document. Each employer gets a heavily customized resume.

Yes, it takes a ton of time per resume. But it gives you an unfair advantage, of gaming the HRIS database, and forcing your resume to the top 2-3%. And gets your resume seen by humans
.a much higher percentage of the time.“


Now in addition to that, I would recommend that you put also synonyms and acronyms, but so you don’t sound like repeating yourself, you could have the main keywords across you resume AND the synonyms and acronyms in a separate section. That section we can name it, ummmm, keywords! So, make sure that in your resume you have a keywords section 🙂

An effective job search should include networking and online search. And I hope this information can help you have a successful online job search!

Thirty days challenge

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Do you have all the habits you wish for? I certainly don’t. I am always up to try something new, some new challenge, something that can have a positive impact on my life. But I always fail to develop a habit, I often forget, start something else, get bored, etc. And it kinda bothers me, because sometimes the good benefits of a new habit may not be instant, but somewhere along the road.


At some point I tried to meditate everyday because I read about the good effects that meditation has in your ability to focus and relax. But I quitted even before I was able to “truly” meditate without distractions. I remember that I tried to wake up at 7 everyday on another challenge, even when I didn’t have to, to take advantage of the quietness of the morning to get things done. That one failed already in day one.


They say it takes about 21 days to build a new habit. I have seen an interesting concept called 30 days challenge, in which you challenge yourself to do something for 30 days. Some of those challenges may include no TV, become vegetarian, read 50 pages everyday, no facebook, etc. Some times the point is to make yourself flexible, and to realize that you need very little to be happy (yes, you can survive without facebook for a month, I heard). Some other times it’s about introducing a healthy habit.


I like the 30 days challenge concept, and since it’s almost the end of September, I will start from October. The theme for October will be meditation, and I will meditate everyday at least for 15 minutes. I will post the results later. I still haven’t decided what to do for the next months, do you want to help me out? Vote! 🙂

Do you have a property to rent in Stockholm? Contact me!

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Jag heter Fran, en man pÄ 26 Är och ursprungligen frÄn Spanien. Jag söker en lÀgenhet eller del av en lÀgenhet i Stockholm eftersom jag ska pÄbörja min Magister i Bioentreprenörskap pÄ Karolinska Institutet nu i September.
För en internationell student som mig sjÀlv, Àr det vÀldigt svÄrt att hitta lÀgenheter eftersom majoriteten av marknaden anvÀnder kösystem och att det generellt Àr hÄrd konkurrens för att fÄ en bostad överhuvudtaget. DÀrför har jag börjat anvÀnda nÄgra inte sÄ konventionella metoder sÄsom google adwords för att hitta en bostad.

Om mig

Jag har studerat och jobbat i Uppsala i tre Är dÀr jag vid sista Äret jobbade i Manchester (Storbritannien).
Jag Àr en vÀldigt hÀlsosam person, rökfri och Àlskar trÀning. Jag Àr vÀl-organiserad och ser till att jag har det rent och snyggt omkring mig. Sedan 18 Ärs Älder har jag delat studentboende och har aldrig haft ett enda problem med nÄgon rumskompis. Andra egenskaper jag har Àr att jag Àr vÀldigt social och att jag försöker skapa en varm och trevlig miljö i min omgivning oavsett vart jag Àn befinner mig. Mina fritidsintressen Àr fotografering, sport, resor och datorer. Lite rolig information om mig Àr att jag inte tittar pÄ TV, jag tycker inte om öl, vin eller fotboll (vilket inte Àr sÀrskillt vanligt för att vara spanjor). Jag försöker ocksÄ att lÀra mig nya saker hela tiden (lÀser och lyssnar pÄ ljudböcker) och jag strÀvar efter att omringa mig sjÀlv med likasinnade personer som Àr mÄlmedvetna och ambitiösa.

Har du nÄgot att erbjuda?

Om du möjligen har bostad eller rum att hyra ut eller nÄgon du kÀnner som har det, var vÀnligen och fyll i sÄ mycket information som möjligt i formulÀret nedan sÄ Äterkommer jag snarast.

Tack sÄ mycket!



About this page


My name is Fran. I am 26 years old, male, originally from Spain. I am looking for a flatshare or an apartment/studio in Stockholm as I will start a Master in Bioentrepreneurship at Karolinska this September. Because of the queue system for renting apartments in Stockholm and the high demand for them, renting an apartment can be really difficult for an international student like me. Therefore I am using other “non-conventional” methods to find an apartment like google adwords.

About me

I have spent 3 years studying and working in Uppsala and last year working in Manchester (UK). I am a very healthy person, non-smoker and love to workout. I am tidy, clean and well organized. I am a very respectful person, I have been sharing student houses since I was 18, and I have never ever had a single problem with any flat mate. I am very social, and I like to keep a warm and fun environment wherever I go. My hobbies are photography, sports, travelling and computers. More interesting info about me is that I don’t watch TV, I don’t like beer, wine or football (not very common in Spanish people) and I am constantly learning new things (reading books or listening to audio books). I strive to be surrounded by goal-oriented and ambitious people like me because it keeps me motivated, and I work to motivate others.

Do you have something to offer?

If you happen to have a property or a room for rent, or know someone who does, please fill as much information as you like in the form bellow. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you!


Difficult times? Get creative (Stockholm’s rental queue system)

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As most of you know I will be moving to Stockholm in September to start a master. Right now, the biggest issue is accommodation. Finding a place to rent in Sweden in general is difficult, because there is a politically managed market for rental apartments on the basis of a queue system. This means that if you are searching an apartment to rent, you would go to a website like or and sign yourself up. Once you have an username, you start accumulating queue days. Users apply to properties in these websites, and the user who has more days accumulated gets the contract. You can sign up in these website the day you turn 18, and Swedish people usually do that. So what’s the average time in the waiting list to be able to sign a contract? TWO YEARS! Yes, f$&king unbelievable! It was posted in the news as well

So the chances for an exchange student to rent a flat there are slim. There are subletting contracts, usually more expensive and for a fixed period of time, but even those are hard to get because for every subletting announced there are 100+ applicants. Adds of the kind of “You can rent the corner of my living room for 3500 SEK (more than 350 euros) and don’t forget to bring your own bed” are not rare to see. And the sad thing is that people actually pays it because they have no other choice.

There is, however, something called last-minute apartments. In the SSSB website mentioned above, from time to time they will post an apartment called last-minute, and those are rented in a first-come first-served basis, with no queue. Now the problem is, SSSB website gets thousands of visit per hour, it’s highly unlikely to be the first one seeing a last-minute offer. How can I rent an apartment then? Either by subletting (with lot of luck or networking) or get a last-minute one (with extreme luck). I am already working in the networking part, and for the last-minute ones, I came up with a creative solution.

Theoretically, I knew it was possible to design a program that goes to the SSSB website, check the number of last-minute apartments, and if there is one, it will send me an email. The geek within me suddenly awake. I knew some bash scripting in linux that could do some of those functions. I won’t disclose much information about how it works just in case I decide to make a business out of it some day lol. It took me some 6 hours or so to make the script, and still, the program could run as long as my computer was on. So I came with another solution, and now the program is ran 24h thanks to a remote server in my godaddy hosting account :).

Now guess who’s going to be the first one (or one of the first ones) to know when a last-minute apartment is posted. I hope that the 8+ hours invested in the trick are worthwhile. It’s a though situation, so it was time to be creative with the solution.

Cheers X

When I met Michael Winslow, the guy from Police Academy who made all the crazy sounds

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The other day at work I got to meet Paul, an Irish guy who is working as a promoter in the entertainment industry. He told me his company produced the Police Academy series, and that his friend Michael Winslow was visiting him (the guy who did all the crazy sounds in the movie). This guy is a real genius making all kind of sounds, as he explains, he can “see” the sounds as colors (mixing senses together is called synaesthesia). Here is the picture with him (Spanish t-shirt included lol):


And in case you wonder, I work in a place called Mar Azul. It is mostly apartments owned by rich Russians (Yeah lot of mafia it seems), but some of them are also for rent, here are a few pictures:


I’ll leave you here a video of Mickael in action 🙂



Projects ahead

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For the past weeks I have been busier than ever. I am always thinking about ideas on what to do next, and helping friends achieve success with their business. I am working in a few projects now, and some more to come in the near future. Here are the projects:

1. I started this project because I realized there wasn’t enough information out there about how to start your own company in the biotech industry. It will be an online community for bioentrepreneurs, where they can interact with each other and share ideas and experiences. There will be also articles (thanks to the teachers at the Master in Bioentrepreneurship at Karolinska and selected guest speakers), news and events.


2. Dentalcrea dental laboratory. This is my friend’s dental prosthesis laboratory. I already finished logo, business cards and website, now its only the price list left (and what a headache!)


3. A webshop for cosmetics. Logo ready and working in the webpage at the moment.


4. La Pampa Restaurant website. This is a famous rustic steak restaurant in Estepona. I will design the website, probably somewhere in august.

5. Also, a friend is starting a business which mission is to help small business to grow, and she may send me all the website works.

6. And lastly, I already know what kind of company I want to set once I finish the Master, it will be related to research innovations and transferring them to the market.

Having projects going on keeps me in a positive mood, and it makes me feel productive. Although the to-do list is already getting too big for the little time I have (only one month left yay!) before the Master.

Cheers! 🙂